Starting a Marine Saltwater Aquarium

Before getting started, look around at different style aquariums and decide what you are most interested in. Ask yourself if there are particular fish you know you have to have. Do you want a tank that only has fish? Would you prefer fish and corals? Do you like invertebrates? Keep in mind that there are numerous ways to set up a saltwater aquarium correctly. Similarly, there are a lot of mistakes you can make.

At Animal Attraction we always strive to show you many different options in designing your marine aquarium so that it suits your liking and is also healthy and balanced for the marine inhabitants. You can keep things simple and fun, or shoot for something advanced and more involved in furthering the hobby: Anything from just keeping fish to growing and propagating your own corals. We have been very successful with a  few specific approaches to keeping saltwater aquariums. There are some very important things that have to happen to make each type of saltwater aquarium work correctly. This page is dedicated to sharing that with you:

                                                                      Things that Must be Maintained or Monitored                                                     

-Salt levels, or specific gravity as monitored with a hydrometer.
-Acceptable temperatures, using fully submersible heaters and thermometers
-Low levels of harmful gases: Ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.
-Proper levels of calcium and alkalinity.
-Keeping unwanted algae under control.
-Intense lighting on coral reef tanks.
-Proper water flow on coral reef tanks.
-Proper feeding of fish and corals.

 A successful reef aquarium begins at the source. Filtered water is suggested for setting up and maintaining the saltwater aquarium. Distilled water, reverse osmosis filtered water, or even water filtered by brand name tap water filters will help reduce unwanted organics in your water supply. Organics include phosphates and silicates that can lead to the growth of problem algae. Using water that has low or non detectable levels of these organics will give you a clean start and healthier, more manageable aquarium. 

Animal Attraction recommends a few certain methods to set up a saltwater aquarium. These are proved methods that have been designed with the budget of the customer and the fish and corals' well being in mind. Each type of filtration has its application. This means that we feel certain types of filtration and lighting arrangements work best for certain types of saltwater aquariums. Click the link below to find out more about some of these set ups: